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Wills & Tax Planning

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Wills, Tax Planning & Probate

Our team specialises in many elements of private client law including Wills, Trusts, Probate and Tax Planning.  We are driven by our client's needs and pride ourselves in making this highly complex area of law as accessible to clients as possible, at what can often be a difficult period in their life. 

In particular, we can advise upon:

Making a Will

Making Lasting Powers of Attorney


Tax Planning Wealth Management

Probate and Administration of Estates



Making a Will  

Only a third of adults who die in Britain are covered by a Will.  The importance of having a Will that reflects your current circumstances is immeasurable.  Preparing your Will provides an individual with the peace of mind that their affairs will be dealt with in accordance with their wishes following their death. 



Whatever your circumstances, there is always a good reason to make a Will.


For example:


  • Making a Will can prevent disagreement about who inherits what from your estate when you die;
  • If you live with a partner but are not married you can ensure that your partner and any children are adequately provided for and are not left in a difficult financial situation;
  • If you have been married before, making a Will can provide you with the opportunity to decide how to provide for your new family as well as for any children from a previous marriage;
  • Making a Will can allow you to specify any particular wishes you may have in connection with your funeral;
  • Should your circumstances require it, making a Will can allow you to deal with any necessary tax planning to avoid or reduce inheritance tax.


Our team can help you with all of the above and achieve a Will that suits your individual circumstances.



For further information, please contact Andrew Hiett on 0161 834 4215



Lasting Powers of Attorney 


Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) were introduced on 1st October 2007 and replaced the Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA).  Any EPA that is in place is likely to continue to be valid providing it was signed before 1 October 2007. 


LPAs allow an individual to appoint an attorney (s) to make decisions on their behalf in relation to first, their financial affairs and secondly, their health and welfare. EPAs do not cover the ability for your attorney to make decisions about health and welfare and therefore LPAs offer new protection in this area.


An LPA remains effective even when the individual is no longer able to manage their own affairs.


Preparing and signing an LPA eases what can be a difficult and distressing situation for any family.


Our team would be happy to discuss any aspect of an EPA/LPA with you.


For further information, please contact Andrew Hiett on 0161 834 4215 (or by email on)




Trusts can be utilised as an effective tax planning tool, provide asset protection and enable you to control and manage funds for and on behalf of others, helping you plan for the future.


Our team can advise on the most appropriate and effective use of trusts to suit your circumstances.


We are able to to set up a trust, deal with its ongoing administration, effect alterations, terminate trusts and review existing trusts to advise you as to whether the arrangements in place suit your currrent needs.


For further information, please contact Andrew Hiett on 0161 834 4215


Tax planning and wealth management 


Our team may offer a variety of solutions to help mitigate or eliminate tax that may be payable on your estate.


With you we will obtain an overview of your financial circumstances to assess all of your needs and how best we can meet your requirements for future planning or tax mitigation.


We can work with your existing taxation advisors or with other professionals with whom we have existing working relationships to be able to provide you with a comprehensive wealth management package.



For further information, please contact Andrew Hiett on 0161 834 4215


Probate/Administration of Estates 


We understand that when someone close to you passes away it can be hard at such a difficult time to make arrangements and deal with that person's affairs.


Whether someone has died leaving a Will or without a Will our solicitors are able to deal with the administration of their estate.


If required we can deal with all aspects of the administration of an estate including gathering details of the deceased's assets and liabilities, arranging the payment of any inheritance tax due on the estate, obtaining the approporiate grant of representation on your behalf, realising the assets and dealing with any debts as appropriate and finally distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.


If you wish to deal with aspects of a person's estate yourself we can offer expert advice, both practical and legal, as and when you need it in order to assist you and make the experience as easy for you as possible.


We are also able to advise you in connection with any trusts that may arise from the estate and discuss with you the ways in which it may be possible to mitigate future tax liabilities. If required, we can arrange for beneficiaries to redirect their inheritance by way of a variation of the estate in question.



For further information, please contact Andrew Hiett on 0161 834 4215