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Commercial Litigation & Debt Recovery

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All Organisations and individuals find themselves in dispute with others at some time. This will usually require them to seek legal advice as to the remedies available through the Courts. Unless a swift resolution to the dispute can be found, proceedings will be required. In many cases the dispute is not genuine being merely a device to delay payment. In such cases it is essential that prompt action is taken to enforce the client's rights by issuing proceedings and bringing the matter to a hearing before the Court at the earliest stage.


Often this prompt action will result in an early resolution of the dispute but in some cases protracted and complex litigation may ensue.


We have considerable experience and legal expertise in conducting commercial litigation for various types of clients ranging from private individuals to large PLCs and insurance companies. Our aim is to provide a first-class service at competitive rates.


The debt recovery side of this department has evolved over recent years with the increasing use of Winding-up and Bankruptcy Petitions. These have proved to be effective methods of protecting clients from the perils of delayed payment from debtors. The more traditional methods of debt recovery by way of High Court and County Court Proceedings remain in use in circumstances where insolvency proceedings are not appropriate.  

The Commercial Litigation Department covers all areas of dispute and in particular the following specialist areas:


Breaches of contract

Partnership disputes

Building contract disputes

Defective products and services

Professional negligence claims

Property litigation including landlord and tenant

Copyright and intellectual property litigation


Debt recovery litigation


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