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Employment Law

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Employment and Industrial Relations problems continue to present difficulties for employers and employees alike, with that element of our system deriving from our European commitments leading to considerable changes, especially in areas of Transfers of Undertakings and competition. Evolution in the core of English employment law has continued to place a premium on up-to-date knowledge and expertise in areas such as misconduct and capability dismissals, redundancy selection, maternity/paternity rights, discrimination, restrictive covenants and pensions.


As a practice, we have the experience and specialist skills required to give you assistance with the drafting of all types of employment contracts and service agreements, and to provide urgent pre-dismissal advice. If dismissal takes place we will conduct any litigation, whether before the Courts or Tribunals, and give sound commercial advice on settlements where appropriate.


We are able to offer advice and practical help on all employment related matters such as:

Employment contracts

Service agreements

Termination/Severance and Compromise Agreements

Employment Tribunals representation

Unfair/wrongful dismissal claims

Transfers of Undertakings

Restrictive covenant enforcement


Maternity rights

Confidential information

Redundancy selection

Removal of directors

Taxation of severance payments


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